How is it that some people seem to have great relationships and success in their lives while others do not? Why are some organizations successful at sustaining positive change while others make a great start but let it fade away? It rests on the dynamics of their relationships. Creating positive dynamics and sustained success requires continuous awareness and informed appreciative action. Dynamic Relationships: Unleashing the Power of Appreciative Inquiry in Daily Living invites us to step into the appreciative paradigm where the principles governing our actions and relationships offer a means for increased value and meaning in our lives and our communities of work and play. Dynamic Relationships offers us the opportunity to practice these principles through cycles of reflection and action in ways that empower us to become a force for creating and sustaining life-affirming relationships and success in daily living.

"Great Work! I’m applying it ... and I’m grateful. It provides a simple way to shift our inner thinking and dialog to what is of value? What is working? When are we at our best in relation to others and ourselves? It is the first book to bring Appreciative Inquiry straight into our personal lives.”
David Cooperrider Co-Creator of Appreciative Inquiry and co-author of “The Appreciative Inquiry Handbook”