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TaosThe Taos Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of social constructionist theory and practices for purposes of world benefit. Constructionist theory and practice locate the source of meaning, value, and action in communicative relations among people. Chief importance is placed on relational process and its outcomes for the welfare of all. Taos Institute Publications offers contributions to cutting edge theory and practice in social construction. These books are designed for scholars, practitioners, students, and the openly curious. The Focus Book Series provides brief introductions and overviews that illuminate theories, concepts, and useful practices. The Books for Professionals Series provides in-depth works, which focus on recent developments in theory and practice. Books in both series are particularly relevant to social scientists and to practitioners concerned with individual, family, organizational, community, and societal change.

Kenneth J. Gergen President, Board of Directors The Taos Institute

Taos Institute Board of Directors

  • Harlene Anderson
  • David Cooperrider
  • Robert Cottor
  • Kenneth J. Gergen
  • Mary Gergen
  • Sheila McNamee
  • Diana Whitney

Taos Institute Publications Editors

  • Harlene Anderson
  • Jane Seiling
  • Jackie Stavros

Executive Director

  • Dawn Dole

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Taos Institute Publications

Focus Book Series

  • The Appreciative Organization, (2001) by Harlene Anderson, David Cooperrider, Kenneth J. Gergen, Mary Gergen, Sheila McNamee, and Diana Whitney Appreciative Leaders: In the Eye of the Beholder, (2001) Edited by Marge Schiller, Bea Mah Holland, and Deanna Riley
  • Experience AI: A Practitioner’s Guide to Integrating Appreciative Inquiry and Experiential Learning, (2001) by Miriam Ricketts and Jim Willis Appreciative Sharing of Knowledge: Leveraging Knowledge
  • Management for Strategic Change, (2004) by Tojo Thatchekery
  • Social Construction: Entering the Dialogue, (2004) by Kenneth J. Gergen and Mary Gergen
  • Dynamic Relationships: Unleashing the Power of Appreciative Inquiry in Daily Living, (2005) by Jacqueline M. Stavros and Cheri B. Torres

Books for Professionals Series

  • SocioDynamic Counselling: A Practical Guide to Meaning Making, (2004) by R. Vance Peavy
  • Experiential Exercises in Social Construction – A Fieldbook for Creating Change, (2004) by Robert Cottor, Alan Asher, Judith Levin, and Cindy Weiser
  • Dialogues About a New Psychology, (2004) by Jan Smedslund

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