Cheri Torres and Jackie Stavros have been collaborating for several years presenting seminars that combine the powerful approaches of Appreciative Inquiry and Experiential Learning. It has been their great joy and opportunity to co-author this book.



Cheri B. Torres, Ph.D.  helps people and organizations work together to design their organizations to evolve and develop workplace practices that generate sustainable growth. She believes that in today’s world, excellence is a function of learning and innovation; and these are the natural outcomes of Appreciative Inquiry. She partners withschools and organizations to expand their capacity for collaborative learning and innovation through inquiry-based, outcomes-focused practices and strategies. As a result people change they way they work together and how the organization is designed; a learning community evolves, marked by open and positive relationships and the alignment of social and technical systems, delivering excellence and sustainable growth.

Cheri has worked with diverse communities: from public schools and community youth organizations to corporations and government entities, supporting their capacity for innovation, teamwork, and learning. She has trained thousands of trainers and teachers in the use and practice of Appreciative Inquiry and Experiential Learning with a particular focus on shared leadership, teamwork, creativity, and sustainable collaboration.

Cheri holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with a specialization in Collaborative Learning from the University of Tennessee. She also holds an MBA, a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology, and Level II Certification in Spiral Dynamics Integral. She serves on the board for the Media Arts Project of Asheville and has authored numerous books and articles including Dynamic Relationships and The Appreciative Facilitator, From Conflict to Collaboration, and Inspire Cooperation. She also co-designed and patented Mobile Team Challenge, an award-winning, portable low ropes course. She is a member of the Society for Organizational Learning, the Taos Institute, the American Association of School Administrators, the International Organization for Noetic Sciences, and Spiral Dynamics.

droppedImageJackie Stavros, EDM, possesses eighteen years of strategic planning and organizational change experience. She is an Associate Professor at Lawrence Technological University College of Management. She has done business in over a dozen countries in Asia, Europe, and North America. Jackie has authored several articles, “Strategic Inquiry with Appreciative Intent: Inspiration to SOAR!” and co-authored The First Appreciative Inquiry Handbook: For Leaders of Change. Jackie has spent the last 12 years incorporating Appreciative Inquiry (AI) methodologies into her teaching, training, and consulting work. She works with executives, managers, staff and line teams and an organization’s stakeholders to collaboratively and creatively help them get organized and focused for profitable growth. Through AI coaching, she helps organizations identify and articulate their values, vision and mission statements, create strategy, and build collaborative teams for inspired action. Jackie is an Associate Member of AI Consulting, LLC, a member of the Academy of Management, and a Board member of the Positive Change Corps (PCC). She has earned an Executive Doctorate of Management in Capacity Building Using an Appreciative Approach: A Relational Process of Building Your Organization’s Future from Case Western Reserve University.


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