Jane Seiling, author of “The Membership Organization: Achieving Top Performance through the New Workplace Community”

"This book is the first to truly understand what the five core principles really mean to Appreciative Inquiry by applying the Principle of Awareness. Stavros and Torres do this in a meaningful way by focusing on the principles and how they relate so closely to each other. This is a fantastic piece of work."

Bernard J. Mohr, President, Co-Founder of Innovation Partners

"Stavros and Torres provide us the wisdom of two senior practitioners with easy to use and high effective exercises and strategies for creating the relationships, families, and workplaces we want to live in – strategies which can be immediately used by anyone who reads this book.”

Dr. Marge Schiller, President, The Positive Change Corps

"Stavros and Torres have made an exceptional contribution with this practical and thoughtful book. This piece takes Appreciative Inquiry beyond the organizational life into your life. It’s an exciting and expansive relational paradigm to live each day.”

Cindy Savich, Owner, Baskin-Robbins Store

"This wonderful book shows you how to live in an appreciative paradigm and create the best possible relationships.”

 Daniel K. Saint, Ph.D., Former Partner, Deloitte

“Dynamic Relationships signals the next generation of Appreciative Inquiry. It builds on the most powerful and mysterious of social constructionist principles, the relational nature of our selves. This is a powerful and comprehensive approach to connecting deeply and joyously with our most desired future.”

David Gregorich, Manager of Electronics, Macomb Community College

"A fantastic piece of work! The activities and exercises make this approach so real to live into. I especially found the briefcase exercise very helpful because it will get me home on time for dinner with my family.”

Joep de Jong, Director Learning Solutions Europe, BT, Amsterdam, Holland

"To my knowledge this is the first book in the field of Appreciative Inquiry that combines theory and practice in such a fine way. It also makes provocative reading as the authors take a very clear stand in the dialogue whether AI will change your life or not: it will. Working through this book will increase your awareness of yourself, of your relations, and how to grow and enrich these relations. Taking this clear position not only makes this book refreshing as it fires up the dialogue around AI, but it also helps us readers—in a very practical way—to discover the next steps on the road that leads to the discovery of the positive core of ourselves and of others we are in relation with. Jackie Stavros and Cheri Torres have produced a challenging book that will inspire many of us to travel further in our search for the very best in our relationships!”

Susan O. Wood, Principal, Corporation for Positive Change

"Knowing both authors professionally, I am delighted they wrote this book. Jackie Stavros and Cheri Torres live the principles of Dynamic Relationships in their work and families. I am eager to get my hands on this book as a resource for clients and colleagues focused on positive change in health care.

John M. Peters, Professor and Coordinator, Doctoral Program in Collaborative Learning, University of Tennessee

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading your manuscript. I got several good ideas relating to our graduate program and my own writing, not to mention some possibilities for changing my relationship with others. Thanks! This book does two things: first, by addressing life outside organizations, it helps make more people aware of the idea of living in the appreciative paradigm; and second, it helps make the idea real and useful to anyone who chooses to act on it. Jackie and Cheri have thus put before us a potentially life-changing tool that we can use to fashion our future in relationship with others beyond organizational life. The rest is up to us.”

Nancy Stetson, Ed.D., Center for Appreciative Inquiry

"Cheri and Jackie invite us to be more mindful, self-aware, of the impact our daily conversations have on our personal and professional relationships. They also give us many experiential exercises to help us create conversations that support more positive and dynamic relationships. Dynamic Relationships is a practical contribution to the growing literature of Appreciative Inquiry."

Pat Riney, Sr., Poet and Author, Commerce, Michigan

"When my friend Jackie Stavros asked me to read and edit a book she had co-authored, Dynamic Relationships: Unleashing the Power of Appreciative Inquiry in Daily Living, I had no idea it would so reinforce an attribute much needed in my life at this time. In July of last year, I learned that I had Medullary Cancer of the Thyroid. This is a chronic and incurable affliction, which does not respond to Chemo Therapy or Radiation. Constant monitoring via blood tests, body scans, and surgical removal of any malignant lesions can control it. The “X” factor in controlling this disease is a positive mental attitude.

I defy anyone reading this book and performing the prescribed exercises to have anything but a positive outlook on life and the living relationships therein. As I write this piece, I am preparing for the fourth surgery in nine months. Now, thanks to Dynamic Relationships, I will not reflect upon how tired I am of being hospitalized, but rather upon how happy I will be when my surgeon tells me to get out of here and don’t come back! Thanks Jackie and Cheri for sharing this bit of wisdom with me.”

Paul Hilt, Principal, Hilt and Associates, Berwyn, Pennsylvania

"Making positive change happen in one’s own life is the real challenge. The authors not only show us the path to a positive future, but also many practical activities to move us along that path. In particular, they have made the underlying principles of this change process ‘come alive’ as a result of their vivid and concrete examples.”

Clarence M. Rivette, President, Global Perspective Consulting

“Dynamic Relationships offers each of us a framework to understand, develop, and enhance the benefits and energy of strengths-based awareness. This heightened awareness provides insight into how we can ‘live' our personal and professional relationships. Doing so leads to new, positive outcomes, and Principle of Awareness. Thank you Jackie and Cheri!”

Trena M. Paulus, Ph.D., Educational Psychology Department, University of Tennessee

“Dynamic Relationships: Unleashing the Power of Appreciative Inquiry in Daily Living takes an important step toward reconnecting our personal and professional lives by acknowledging the central role of relationship building. Stavros and Torres have put together a powerful toolkit to help us impact change in all of our relationships through a paradigm shift from problem-solving to Appreciative Inquiry. Through the AI-4D cycle, we learn how to become fully aware of our intentions and choices, and to see how reflecting on our actions, reframing our questions, and suspending our assumptions together can reveal a world of possibility for sustaining positive change.”

Marji Czajka, Wife and Mother of Nick, Jessie, and Jake

“This book really gets to the heart of the matter -- what happens to us in our lives is because of our relationships with others. Learning to live in an appreciative paradigm calls for a time out to reflect and consider how our actions impact others. It is an easy and enjoyable read that gets you engaged from the first few pages.”

Jacqueline Kelm, author of, Appreciative Living

“Stavros and Torres do a brilliant job of teaching us how to keep an appreciative direction in our lives and relationships. They offer a thorough, insightful, and inspirational look into the underlying dynamics of how we can go on together in positive and powerful ways…truly, a life changing book.”

Don Austin, Ph.D., Cobblestone Coaching

"Ten years ago, I first experienced the power of Appreciative Inquiry, to focus upon and create our most valued realities. I knew there would be so much more value when we knew how to draw upon AI principles at any and all moments of our life and work. “Dynamic Relationships” is exactly what I was waiting for, to clearly and completely delineate how to do this. My work rests heavily on processes for building more and more moment-by-moment awareness into our relationships. An example would be the Gestalt experiential learning cycle. “Dynamic Relationships” integrates the power and centrality of awareness with AI principles in living and working relationally. This integrating clarity will transform my work with clients, as well as my own life. Thanks for the great work."

Armand Kruger, South Africa

Your book puts the heart to the mind of AI! I have reread the book twice already, and have build the exercises into my diary so that it is as important as any other thing I do-and what an affirmative pleasure. I enjoy the learning and the quality of awareness resulting from me doing the exercises. I have given them numbers, and do them on a purely random order-ergo, a new surprise every day.

Also, when I read your reference to NLP on pages 69, I laughed aloud: "this is a marriage waiting to happen". You have selected the submodalities to enhance awareness, but there are so many other things to add! I am an international trainer in NLP, and since I have started reading and studying AI I just knew that this has to happen sometime. I did not do much about publicly promoting a potential "engagement", for one reason: until your book, AI was very "academic" with a good dollop of exclusiveness "if you can't read academics, you cannot understand AI!" I have said more than once that the typical AI is written for clever, intellectual and/or post-graduate students, not for everyday people! well, that was true until "Dynamic Relationships"!!

Thank you for your gift of the Principle of Awareness, and the book. I have not been as stimulated and as excited about a book in the past 5 years.